Virginia is for Learners Innovation Network: A Snapshot of Progress Earned

Seven short months ago, an intrepid band of twenty-six teams representing thirty-one Virginia school divisions embarked on a journey. Their individual quests, while disparate, were nonetheless unified by an aligned desire: to design language frameworks and organizational drivers that empower deep learning models accessible to all learners. Sponsored by the Virginia Department of Education, the […]

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The Wonder in the Question

Co-authored with Amy Feaver, Innovation Coach for Hopewell City Public Schools, VA Who knew there was so much to know and wonder about insects?  Students in a Hopewell City Kindergarten class were all a buzz during their Socratic Seminar as they uncovered their observations about insects.  Seeing bugs through the eyes of a Kindergartner as […]

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A Visible Path Forward

Innovation. Transformation. Change. These words have definitive meaning, and yet are often so hard to define. Such is the experience of many teams who find themselves getting caught up in the meaning of the words themselves when seeking to gain a clearer understanding of that which they are trying to describe. In these moments, making […]

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