In Crisis, Opportunity.

You can't teach what you don't do.

What does it mean to be an educator? In January of this year, our answer to that deceptively simple question would have been quite predictable. Since March, though, we have witnessed so many educators in our profession reveal a more nuanced and humbling elaboration beyond anything we could have ever imagined. To be an educator […]

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Deeper Assessment: Why don’t we practice what we know we should do?

This four-part series on Deeper Assessment began with a high-level overview of using backwards design to decide what we really want students to know and do. Prioritizing learning outcomes is a common first step in designing a guaranteed and viable curriculum that prepares students beyond “the test.” Prioritizing standards helps determine vertical scope to prepare […]

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Connecting Careers, Curriculum, and Community

Across the Commonwealth, school districts seeking to make learning experiences more authentic and purpose-driven for their students are exploring the intersection between and among career preparation, curricular outcomes, and community engagement. To that end, several VaLIN Innovation Teams are designing and facilitating systems to define career pathways, establish high-interest academies, and/or expand community partnerships that […]

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