The ALP Team Grows

Advanced Learning Partnerships is delighted to welcome Ronique Hicks as our new Director for Professional Learning.  Ronique is not new to ALP, as she has been part of our consulting staff for over five years. We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to leverage her experiences to strengthen our leadership team. We’ve invited Ronique […]

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Moving From Pockets to Culture of Engaging, Deep, Challenging Learning

Focus Question: How to bring the Profile of a Virginia Graduate, the division’s strategic plan, and Manassas Park City Schools initiatives alive through the creation of a common language framework that is shared with all stakeholders? Overview: Manassas Park City Schools is a division that embraces innovation and strategic risk taking. They believe that all […]

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A Ride to Remember

A bus full of educators may seem cliche. But the bus played a significant role in the success of the experience for a team of educators in Clear Creek ISD (TX) as we engaged together in a facilitated learning walk across their schools. First of all, everyone left their car at the depot, so everyone on […]

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