Leveraging Funding and Building Network Partners

K-12 school districts, universities, and private organizations can maximize results when they are brought together in a collaborative network.

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Throughout the 2011-12 academic year, a small rural school system in Virginia developed the foundation that enabled them to win only one of four Virginia Department of Education College Partnership Lab School Planning grants. From the outset, the ALP executive consultant assisted the superintendent and her cabinet to lead a strategic change effort that dramatically altered the way new teachers are prepared and certified.

In conjunction with teachers, site administrators district executives, and university faculty, the ALP executive consultant co-developed the theory of action to integrate best instructional practice with cutting-edge technology applications to enhance student learning. The success of this effort was highlighted at a Governor’s Summit where the partnership was recognized for its accomplishments.

The following academic year, the district built on its partnership with Dell and ALP to implement its College Partnership Lab School and bring it to scale. ALP executive level consultants and instructional coaches worked collaboratively with the district to secure funding that will drive the implementation to full district scale, providing the Commonwealth of Virginia with a dynamic model for new teacher training and certification.

“I personally can’t thank ALP enough for what you’ve done to support us. With you on our team it’s hard to even imagine because the possibilities are infinite. You’ve been a great mentor and friend to us and it’s very much appreciated.”

— Director of Instructional Technology, VA School District

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