Building a Shared Vision

How one day of envisioning the future can translate into a model for actualizing it.

In the fall of 2012, a large rural school system outside Charlotte, North Carolina, commissioned an ALP organizational consultant to facilitate a visioning exercise for its superintendent and executive cabinet to explore how the personalization of learning could align with its Globalization Innovation Graduation initiative. The leadership of this high-achieving school district responded powerfully to this session, and effectively realized a dynamic bridge for personalized learning within its strategic vision.

As a result of this visioning session, the district commissioned an ALP team of organizational and leadership consultants to facilitate the response to the United States Department of Education Race to the Top – Districts grant. Spanning a deep and diverse array of university, community and corporate partners, district officials and the ALP team embarked on a powerful journey to translate the vision to a powerful implementation plan.

In partnership with Advanced Learning Partnerships, the district successfully translated its conceptual framework into a tangible, measurable, and scaffolded architecture for student learning. Stemming from a visioning exercise, the district leadership team capably translated its aspirations into a trajectory that has already changed the course of teaching, learning, and leading within its community.

“I hope you have taken a few moments to recharge your batteries from the countless sleepless nights over the past month…I would not and could not imagine taking this journey with anyone other than you and your team; it was truly an honor and a privilege to do so.”

— Assistant Superintendent, school system

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