Featured Consultant

Dominic P. Tremblay

Education Consultant

About Dominic

Dominic is an innovative Education Consultant who specializes in bringing 21st-century skills to educational programs and professionals.

He is passionate about inquiry-based learning and developing relevant pedagogical activities for students immersed in a world where technology and multimedia are the norms. With 13 years of classroom experience at both primary and secondary levels, he knows what is required to create a learning environment that motivates and inspires in today’s world.


24 Years

Key Skills and Qualifications

  • Technology integration in the classroom
  • Inquiry-based and problem-based learning
  • Educational robotics and computational thinking (Coding)
  • Curriculum development/assessment including 5 E’s planning
  • STEM/STEAM Education
  • Use of LEGO for creativity in the classroom

Recognition and Publications

  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer (2021)
  • Youth Science Canada Distinguished Service Award (2015)